This is a fast, convenient, 4-part Official Batting Order form, specifically designed for teams at the youth league levels. Space is provided to list the inning entered, substitute‚Äôs number, number of outs and the field position of the player. The form also provides a place to keep track of defensive/offensive conferences and pitch count, and special pinch runners. Shown at the right is an example showing how the form appears when the game is completed.

Each time you make an entry, use a new column. For Example:

Top of 3-no outs, #14 for #30 in position 6, #4 for #25 in the same position, #2 moved from position 6 to position 2.

When a starter is substituted for, draw a single diagonal line through their name and position. Examples: #30 Curran, #25 Hoy. When a substitute enters the game, draw a line through their name, this indicates that they have entered the game.

Top of the 3-one out, #5 for #46 in the same position.

Top of 4-two outs, #54 for #44 in the same position.

Top of 5-no outs, #11 for #4 in the same position, #30 re-entered for #43 in the same position.

When a starter re-enters the game, or cannot return because of the substitute rule, draw another diagonal line through their name. Example: #30-Curran.

Bottom of 5-one out, #46 re-entered in the same position for #5.

Top of 6-two outs, #30 is injured and #25 is eligible and re-enters in the same position.

Top of 6, #5 is used as a special pinch runner for #57. In the Special Pinch Runner row enter; 5/57

Enter the pitch count for each pitcher at the end half inning. When the pitcher is replaced, draw a line through his/her pitch count and visits.

Click to download a PDF version of these instructions.

Click to download a PDF version of these instructions.