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Official Batting Orders for baseball and softball teams in college, high school and youth leagues

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About Official Batting Order Forms

Hello! My name is Mickey Shriver and I specialize in Official Batting Order forms.

Thirty years ago as I began umpiring baseball & softball in youth leagues, high school and college, I saw the need for a decent Official Batting Order. Being a printer by trade, I got together with several high school and colleges coaches and specifically designed four different 4-part Official Batting Orders that had the umpire, coach and scorekeeper in mind. You can see a sample to the right.

My 4-part Office Batting Order forms are designed specifically for teams at the college, high school and youth league levels. These forms are available in four different formats with a handy 're-entry inning' feature. It makes keeping track of your Batting Order fast, accurate and convenient!

I also have an Official Batting Order Holder where you place one Official Batting Order on one side and the other team's Official Batting Order on the other side. You can make changes on it without the pencil going through the paper. Umpires and coaches really appreciate the Official Batting Order Holder.

My 4-part forms are used daily by umpires, coaches and scorekeepers to make game information ready and accessible. See the links at the top for my 4-part forms, and the rosters and maps available to help you with your games. Please, contact me for questions or samples.